Lac Du Flambeau

The Town and the Tribe of Lac du Flambeau have reached a temporary, 90 Day agreement, to open the four barricaded roads. We appreciate the Tribe’s proactive proposal to the Town, which enables us to access our properties while a longer term solution is negotiated.

The barricades may be coming down temporarily, but the real work of developing a long-term solution is just beginning. If you have property in or around the Lac du Flambeau area, we encourage you to call the Town of Lac du Flambeau, in particular Matt Gaulke the town chairman, at 715-588-3358 and encourage his proactive, diligent, and personal involvement with the Tribal leaders to develop a longer term solution.

This problem was created by the 49th Congress of the United States back in 1887 when they passed the Dawes Act. The Federal Government created this issue and the Federal Government should be responsible for rectifying the situation. We encourage all of you to contact your Congressional and Senatorial representatives and encourage them to participate in a bi-partisan effort to permanently resolve this issue for the benefit of all residents, Tribal and Non-Tribal, of Lac du Flambeau.

Tom Tiffany: 202-225-3365
Ron Johnson: 202-224-5323
Tammy Baldwin: 608-264-5338

What we are experiencing in Lac du Flambeau is the result of failed policies. We encourage the media and press to please help us shine a light on the root cause of this problem to help drive action in the one place that can fix this permanently – Washington, DC.